The Expand Community

A free & powerful community space for you to expand your heart, mind and spirit

What is The Expand Community?

Founded by Mentors and Podcast Hosts Luka Reedy & Emma Evelyn, The Expand Community is a free community designed to provide a powerful space for you to connect with your most authentic self, expand beyond what you believe is possible and connect within others who are here to expand their hearts, minds and spirits together. 
We believe that we can expand as individuals and collectively when we know who we truly are and who we are not. That our circumstances can become the key to our expansion and our alignment with our truest self is when our destiny and soul purpose begin to manifest into physical reality.

"I know that my circumstance is the key to my expansion"

Get To Know Us

Emma & Luka met whilst recording a podcast episode together. Following divine guidance, they were called to begin a weekly talk show, which was rolled out throughout 2021. In 2022, their own expansion led them to the vision of an accessible, sacred and powerful community for people to share what was in their hearts and connect to the individuals that could hold space for their expansion. 

Hi 👋

Luka ☯️

Hello I'm Luka. I'm an Energetic Mentor helping divinely inspired humans embody their highest energetic expression. As a therapist and coach, I guide people through a healing process back to their authentic self. I am deeply connected to the mystical realms and yet still deeply connected and an active participant in this beautiul human experience. My mission is to awaken the spirit within every human that enters my life. That's why I believe it is my duty to go first and show you the way...

Emma 💁‍♀️

Hey, I'm Emma! Podcast Host, Energetics, NLP & Business Mentor. As a soul-seeker with a heart full of adventure, Emma's mission is to lead people on a journey to building a deeper connection with themselves. She believes that the power of community and connection is anchored in sharing from our own unique joys, challenges, vulnerabilities and life experiences.

What's Inside The Expand Community?

💫 An safe & interactive community, a group chat with depth & a connection with others who are all here to expand their heart, mind & spirit.

💫 Exclusive content and topics that you won't find on Instagram (yes, it's a whole new vibe).

💫 Weekly 1 hour Q&A Talk Shows, LIVE, where, together, we reflect on the energy from the past week, unpack its potential and turn into practical take-aways for you to expand your awareness and consciousness - a place for you to ask the deeper questions that are on your heart.

Who's Expand For?

✨ Are you seeking a deeper connection with yourself and others? 

✨ Are you exploring spirituality and personal development in order to heal and express your truth? 

✨ Are you hiding parts of yourself that you really want to express?

✨ Are you wanting guidance from people who embody what they teach?

✨ Are you looking for mentorship and a connected community that's accessible, affordable and expansive? 

✨ Are you ready to remove your limits and energetic blocks so the Universe can abundantly support you?

If you said YES to any of these, then we invite you to join us 👇 

Wherever you are in life right now, whatever you're going through, whatever your age, occupation, aspirations, know that you're here because we are united in our desire to know and express our truest self - in our community you are welcome, simply because you are.
Our intention with Expand is to offer you a safe space to discover, explore and enjoy your unique journey and expansion with like-minded souls to walk that path with you. We are SO glad that you're here with us. 
If you feel the calling like we did, join us now - we can't wait to see you inside the community! 
Much love, 
Luka & Emma
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